What is location-based advertising & why is it the next big thing?

Location-Based Technology platform

What is location-based advertising?

Location-based advertising hinges around the fact that wherever we go these days we always carry a mobile with us. And most of us quite happily share our location data with the various apps we use.

This presents an opportunity for advertisers to personalize their messages to people based on their current location. In real time.

Using a person’s location data, gleaned from their mobile device, advertisers can send different messages to people depending on where they are.

Google pin location-based advertising

Imagine you’re walking through a fishing village somewhere in the West Country. You’re browsing on your phone and you see an ad for 30% off pants at H&M. Great. There isn’t an H&M within a hundred miles of where you are. Ignored.

But imagine you see the same message while walking down Oxford Street, and imagine the ad is specific to the Oxford Street branch. Suddenly you’re much more…

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The Mobile App War Is Over

Location-Based Technology platform

The app world is the world, where competition is fierce! The fight between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS is quite evident. They are two great platforms each with some unique strength and have access to vast quantities of apps. Who in the end will win the mobile app war?

Google pays millions to Apple to make their search engines the default search provider for iOS devices but Google collects more from ads placed on Apple devices. Apple and iOS only exist to serve the top 15% of the richest segment of the global population while everyone else is on Android. Research shows that Google’s Android enjoyed close to 78% of the market share, globally. A number of research firms show that the market is tilted towards Android. Market share alone is not the only overriding factor. Android OS phones are mainly low-end phones and the users in that location based…

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Omnichannel – The Next Big Shopping Experience — Location-Based Technology platform

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Citrix VDI Handbook for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 — Ask the Architect

Almost one year ago, I announced the availability of the Citrix VDI Best Practices Handbook for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 (that’s a really long title). Since then, I received many positive comments from many of you. Thank you. One of the goals I set was to release an updated version of the handbook for upcoming […]

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Can You Move Workloads Between VMware and AWS? — StorageSwiss.com – The Home of Storage Switzerland

vMotion is a fantastic capability provided by VMware to VMware environments, but what if you’re not using VMware? Or what if you’re using VMware on-site, but would like to rehost the workload into a public cloud provider such as Amazon or Azure? It’s not yet possible – without third-party tools – to move a workload […]

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Technology & the elusive next BIG thing — Planet Simon

Looking back about 10 to 15 years it’s easy to see that technology has taken a great leap forward and the big companies of the world are looking for the next big thing that going to give them the kudos they need – along with keeping their shareholders happy that things are going to keep […]

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Cold chain management


Cold chain management in 2018 and beyond will be different. With major companies around the globe looking for better solutions, what can we expect from IoT in the cold chain?

Ensuring regulatory compliance in supply chain operations is an increasingly complex task. The Business Continuity Institute surveyed manufacturing businesses around the globe and found that 47% of firms cited increasing supply chain complexity as a current, major trend and growing cause for concern. While businesses can benefit from smart, connected solutions and IoT tools, many don’t know how to handle them.

Here are three new tools changing cold chain management and audits.

While each of these IoT tools are very different, they confront two huge problems in the cold chain.

  • Human error
  • Time wasted on automated tasks

LFCS: Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator Certification — Build Azure

The Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification from The Linux Foundation is a full Linux certification for verifying and validating your Linux Operating System skills. Linux is the #1 operating system for web servers, cloud computing, smartphones and consumer electronics. It’s been growing very rapidly over the years, and even Microsoft has fully embraced […]

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NETcinity’s Pro Series Beacon – How Proximity Marketing Is Changing Retail — NETcinity

If you’re tracking recent business news, it seems like grim tidings for the retail industry as a whole. Retailers are closing stores or, just as often, closing shop. Once ubiquitous and profitable brands like Hastings, Circuit City and Radio Shack, have gone the way of dinosaurs, the dodo bird and F.W. Woolworth Co. While the […]

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