How to install LineageOS Update

Hello Folks,

Hope everyone is doing great!!

Today I am going to share how to install LineageOS Update.

I have been testing few Custom ROM on my Samsung S4. Though this is an old phone I do care about the device. So please take precaution before following below mentioned steps.


TWRP Recovery installed.

My device is already rooted via Kingo Root.

And Developer Option is Turned On

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources Turned On.

So make sure you do the same before going through this activity. You might need to some recovery work if things go wrong.  And those options will help you troubleshoot.

Anyway, lets get to the process.

Go to your Device Android Settings

Tap on About Phone

Tap on LineageOS Updates

Download the latest available update

Once successfully Downloaded Tap on the update to apply the patch

Now your device should boot into Recovery

Once Device is booted into Recovery Tap on INSTALL

TeamWin Home Page

You will most probably get into Android Data Directory, refer to below snap, However, this is not the place where LineageOS Updates are getting downloaded.


Let’s hunt for the Update Directory/Folder

Tap on the Select Storage and Select MAIN STORAGE not EXTERNAL EXTERNAL STORAGE

Storage Selection

Now lets go back and find / Directory which is the ROOT Directory for Android. Keep on tapping UP A LEVEL until you see / (Slash or Root Directory)


Once you are in / (Root Directory) Tap on Data Folder, Once you are inside /Data Folder Look for lineageos_updates folder


This is the Folder where LineageOS Updates are getting downloaded.


Just double Tap on the latest update to apply the patch and Swipe to Confirm the Flash


Follow the onscreen steps to complete the Updates. Once updates are successfully installed Tap Clean Dalvik Cache. Now you can reboot to SYSTEM. You can now go the Android Settings and confirm that Update in installed. I have been following a lot of posts to install the Updates, finally this is what I figured out. Hope this post helps you!!!



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