How to create Network Bridge

How to create Network Bridge

Hello Folks, hope everybody is doing well!!!

Today I am going to write about how to create a Network Bridge Connection in Windows environment.

I have tested this scenario in Windows 10 and works fine.

So here is a bit of hint why I was testing Bridge Connection.

Last week there was 3 days holiday here in UAE. I live in villa compound where Internet connection is provided by the landlord. One of the Ethernet switches went down and unfortunately, my Wireless Access Point was connected to that ☹☹

I do have Laptop and Mobile devices, however, I needed the Internet connection to my Desktop/Workstation where I do most of my project work. The landlord has given me the password for neighborhood Wireless Access Point. Which has open the door to Internet Access. I needed Internet Access on the Desktop as well. So I thought of using the feature of Bridge Connection in Windows.

Below is the process to get Internet Access on your Desktop from a Laptop without buying a USB Wireless USB Adapter. Just for your information this was a temporary solution for me 😊😊

I hope somebody will find this guide useful 😊😊😊

Environment Requirement:

  1. Laptop with Internet Access
  2. 1 Ethernet Cable
  3. And the Super Workstation

Step by Step to Create Network Bridge Connection:

First, find the IP Address of your Home Network

You can do this with below simple command

Press Windows Icon + R key from your Keyboard

Type cmd and Hit Enter from Keyboard

Type ipconfig /all and Hit Enter in the black window (screen color might vary 😊)


Following is the IP range in my Home Network 192.168.0.XXX. Note down the Default Gateway and DNS Servers IP Address. This information will be used for Desktop IP configuration.

Kindly note down the Wireless Adapter IP Address.

Now connect the Ethernet Cable from your Laptop to Desktop/Workstation.

Login to the Desktop

Go to Control Panel and Open Network and Sharing Center

Here is how it looks in my environment.

Network and Connections

Note: Ethernet Cable is not connected at the time of preparing the document, hence the Ethernet icon shows ×

Now right-click on Ethernet icon and go to properties



Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Click on Properties

Ethernet Properties02

Assign an IP Address to the Ethernet. The IP Address should be in your Home Network Range.


Also, make sure that this IP address is not being used on your home network. You can confirm this by the below-mentioned command from the laptop.

Press  + R key from your Keyboard

Type cmd and Hit Enter from your Keyboard

Let say you have chosen to use the following IP for Desktop

Now type ping

You should get something similar like this


This means you can use the IP on the Desktop.

So, let’s go back to the IP configuration page of the Ethernet and assign the IP.

Select Use the following IP address:

Ethernet Properties

Gateway and DNS Servers IP address was noted down before from below mentioned command output

ipconfig /all

So kindly use the correct Default Gateway and DNS Server IP. Otherwise, you will not have Internet access from the Desktop. After configuring the correct IP address click on OK.

Now go back to Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center. And click on Change adapter settings.

Change Adapter


Select Ethernet and Wireless Adapter at the same time and right-click. Now click on Bridge Connections

Bridge Making



It will take few seconds to create Bridge Connection and below window will appear on the screen

Network Bridge01

You will see below icon once Bridge Connection is successfully created.

Network BridgeAll Set!!! Now you should have access to the Internet from your Desktop. Hope this guide was helpful for you.


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