What is location-based advertising & why is it the next big thing?

Location-Based Technology platform

What is location-based advertising?

Location-based advertising hinges around the fact that wherever we go these days we always carry a mobile with us. And most of us quite happily share our location data with the various apps we use.

This presents an opportunity for advertisers to personalize their messages to people based on their current location. In real time.

Using a person’s location data, gleaned from their mobile device, advertisers can send different messages to people depending on where they are.

Google pin location-based advertising

Imagine you’re walking through a fishing village somewhere in the West Country. You’re browsing on your phone and you see an ad for 30% off pants at H&M. Great. There isn’t an H&M within a hundred miles of where you are. Ignored.

But imagine you see the same message while walking down Oxford Street, and imagine the ad is specific to the Oxford Street branch. Suddenly you’re much more…

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