Using Dynamic DNS in Your Home Automation Architecture Using Duck DNS.


This post assumes  you are using a current version of Rasbian or other Linux distribution that includes both a cron manager (with crontab) and curl.

I will also be using “nslookup” this is not installed by default.   To install nslookup (and other DNS tools) run the following command:
sudo apt-get install dnsutils

Dynamic DNS allows you to convert your dynamic internet address (givin to you by your internet provider) into something that seems static.  It works by doing the following:

  1. Allowing you to register a DNS record (a name for your address).  In our case we will use Duck DNS so the record will look like
  2. Running a script, that you will install on your server, that will tell your Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Provider ( what your current external internet address is.  This script will update your dDNS provider at regular intervals.
  3. Schedule the script to run at 5 minute…

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