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Firebird Database Administration

I was troubleshooting on a Firebird Database where logs of an application were not displaying properly. While researching for some administration tools, I have found the below-mentioned application useful. Hope this will help you as well.

Tools are as below. Please visit the respective website for more details. There are lots of information/manual on the website itself.

  1. FlameRobin
  2. IBExpert

Firebird SQL


Microsoft Patch Update For WannaCry Ransomware

The WannaCry ransomware attack was a worldwide cyberattack by the WannaCry[a] ransomware cryptoworm, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.[8]

The attack started on Friday, 12 May 2017,[9] and within a day was reported to have infected more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries.[10][11] Parts of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Spain’s Telef√≥nica, FedEx and Deutsche Bahn were hit, along with many other countries and companies worldwide.[12][13][14]

Follow below link for Microsoft Patch Update and more details.

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