Acer 4730 Z not booting up !!!!

Guys just what to share an experience what happened with my Acer 4730 Z Laptop.

I have multiple Operating Systems installed on it and recently installed Windows 10 Technical preview. Last night I was going out and was in a hurry. So while shutting down my laptop I got an option to

Install the Windows Updates and restart

2nd option was install the update and shutdown

As I was going out I had chosen to install the updates and shutdown.

Next day I switch on my laptop Windows wasn’t booting up. Hard drive wasn’t showing in boot menu.

And I don’t have a spare PC to check whether hard drive is really crashed. I was thinking what can be done in this situation. Suddenly came up in my mind that I have bootable USB with Hiren Boot CD software.

So mission has started to check the hard drive. And found that Hard drive is alive and data are available. However the drive/partition which was having Windows 10 Technical review that drive label has changed to unnamed. Which made me think of is that last windows update did cause this issue.

I am not really sure if that was the cause.

Anyway I have run the disk check tool, chkdsk

and that has repaired the fault on drive C and E.

Rebooted the system and finally Hard drive did appeared in BIOS. Again booted into Windows 10

A black window came and waited couple of minutes. I had waited for couple of minutes however there was no response. Even the mouse cursor wasn’t appearing !!!

I had forced shutdown the laptop. And tried booting again, however hard drive again disappeared.

Had run the disk repair tool again. Deleted the Windows 10 partition and installed Windows Server 2008 on same partition. Now my laptop is working fine. I am able to access Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Thanks to Hiren Boot CD. You have been very helpful in many occasion.

Thanks guys for reading this boring story. Have a great time !!!!!!

And don’t get panic in such situation.


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